We assist you in each step of the French pricing and reimbursement process

Maybe more than any other European payers, French payers want the best possible value for the money they are going to spend for your drug or medical device.


Based on its own expertise associated to its strong experience in dealing with health authorities' requests Bruno France considers each project with an experienced and pragmatic eye.

As a "proxy payer", Bruno not only knows perfectly the French pricing and reimbursement process for drugs and devices (Transparency Commission or CNEDiMTS, CEESP and CEPS) but he is also very aware (due to the frequent contacts he has with payers/KOLs) on how the system "practically" works...

We support our clients in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries in their pricing and reimbursement needs in France with our strategic advice by :


  • Optimizing pricing and reimbursement strategies, specifically adapted to the French context
  • Participating to (or organizing) payers interviews or workshops,
  • Preparing reimbursement value dossiers.

Please feel free to contact us for any complementary information.

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